The Colors of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is named for its colorful sandstone cliffs that stretch 15 miles along the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. The beautiful colors of these magnificent rocks are caused by the mineral-rich groundwater that leaches out of the rocks. The iron, manganese, and copper minerals paint the cliffs in reds, pinks, blacks, greens, and other colors.

My friend JP who owns an epoxy flooring company in Houston told me that when he visited Pictured Rocks with his family several years ago, he was reminded of the rich colors they use in epoxy paint. The colors are really that beautiful and must be seen in person.

See Pictured Rocks by Boat

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located on the southwest shore of Lake Superior near Marquette, Michigan. The best way to see these colorful cliffs is by boat. A boat tour takes visitors along this beautiful coastline to view this scenic wonder. The boat tour begins at the Marquette marina and takes about an hour and a half.

The marina offers several boats for rent, including catamarans, small speedboats, and yachts. Visitors can enjoy this lovely place on a short leisurely cruise along the shores and waterways. The marina also has boats available for boating and fishing. There are picnic areas near the marina for dining and relaxation. Boat rental charges are nominal.

The Lighthouse

The Pictured Rocks boat tour also includes a chance to view the historic lighthouse that has stood since 1835. The lighthouse overlooks the southernmost point of Lake Huron. The marina has restrooms, tables, chairs, and restrooms for visitors who choose to be self-parked on the waterfront. The marina also provides boat slips, docks, and storage for touring or camping overnight. If you prefer to leave the marina, there is also a parking area available. The marina provides a free shuttle service to the marina parking area and the boat tour’s parking area.

During the boat tour, you can see the many attractions on the water, such as the beach and the nearby harbor. Several boats are available for day trips to see these areas. The boat tour can travel along the Lake Huron shore and through Lake Huron and Lake Michigan’s waters. The marina also provides guided tours of the beach to give the visitor a more detailed view of the area. Other attractions are the harbor and pier.

There are several restaurants on the boat tour. You will not want to miss the opportunity to sample the local cuisine on this scenic excursion. All boat tours include meals and beverages. Many hotels are just minutes away from the marina, so those traveling by car you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sights.

Beautiful Beaches

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore hugs Lake Superior’s southern shore on the peninsula of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Of course, the name comes from the distinctive multicolored rocks of the beach and surrounding area. Unusual, layered sandstone formations such as Miners Castle and Cathedral Rock define the headland. Twelvemile Beach leads into a white birch forest to the east. Several trails pass through an area that was once a shipwrecked marina. Fishing charters are available.

Other Attractions

Other attractions in the area include the Sauk Rapids Railroad, which runs from Newaygo to Marquette and offers a free tour that takes you through the railroad’s main workings. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of locomotives in the daytime and then hop on the train at night to reach the station. This train ride allows visitors to witness the locomotives as they run through the train yard. The Sauk Rapids Railroad also shows the train tracks, the river, the marsh, and the railroad trestle.

The Railroad Museum also offers railroad history and the railroad’s history. The visitor center also provides information about the railroad and its history.…

23 Great US Summer Vacation Ideas With Never-Ending Fun Things To Do and Where to Eat and Play

Here’s 23 of the Best US Summer Vacation Ideas You Can Start Planning Now!

It’s summer, and the time to take a vacation is now! However, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out what type of vacation you want. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great ideas for your next trip. Whether you’re looking for something adventurous or relaxing, this list has it all!

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia’s Southern hospitality has something for everyone. From strolling through history with our award-winning walking tours or dining on some of America’s best seafood while overlooking scenic riverfront parks, there are plenty of ways for visitors from far and wide to experience authentic local culture.

Savannah is an enchanting and picturesque coastal town known for its architecture parks, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages. Visit the city at your very own pace with the convenience tour Hop on Hop On Hop Off Trolley. 

You’ll find restaurants with outdoor seating overlooking the Savannah River or squares in historic districts such as Forsyth Park and Chippewa Square. 

For those looking for more than just sightseeing, there’s plenty of shopping to be done on Broughton Street, where you’ll also find some great jazz clubs! 

Spend your evenings strolling through the Bull Street corridor (the city’s first commercial district) or attending one of our famous arts festivals like SAVVY while sipping cocktails at sunset on River Street, Savannah, Georgia a premier entertainment destination.

Breakfast: Magnolia Cafe is an iconic Southern institution known for its signature buttermilk biscuits, grits, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Lunch: The Lady & Sons offers a Southern feast that’s worth the wait with their famous fried chicken and pecan pie for dessert. 

Dinner: Savannah Steak Company is one of our favorite restaurants in town! You can’t go wrong with any selection from their menu. Still, we recommend starting off your meal with some appetizers like shrimp cocktail or buffalo wings while sipping on an ice-cold beer or refreshing frozen margarita to wash everything down.

Nightlife: Whether you’re looking for great live blues music, top 40 dance hits, diverse DJs spinning hip hop tunes, rowdy karaoke nights, or just want to enjoy drinks at the bar without the crowds, you’ll find it all at The Jinx.

The Bottom Line: With so much to offer and endless hours of fun things to do in Savannah, GA, the most challenging part about planning a trip is knowing where to start! 

The Black Hills of South Dakota

The Black Hills is home to Mount Rushmore, Deadwood (a former gold mining city), Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, and more!   

A new year-round public space in the city’s heart, Outlaw Square will host activities that teem with luxury after more than a year without service. 

In Rapid City, a massive civic development project is underway for the Monument Building. The expansion will increase the crowds for historical events, such as The Black Hills Powwow.

Breakfast: Start the day at The Diner with a hearty stack of pancakes and eggs. 

Lunch: For lunch, try out one (or all) of these great options – Hickory House BBQ, Piggy’s Pizza & Pasta, or O’Connells Seafood Pub.

Dinner: To end your night on a high note, head to Murphy’s Steakhouse for some mouthwatering steak in classic style!

Nightlife: If you’re looking for fun things to do after dark, we recommend checking out many Rapid City’s breweries, such as Crow Peak Brewing Company or Spearfish Brewery, where artfully crafted beer is served alongside appetizers like burgers, tacos, and pizza.

The Bottom Line: A vast region with an incredible variety of things to do in the Black Hills. This is the perfect place for anyone looking to experience great food and drink while admiring some stunning scenery at one of America’s best summer vacations ideas!

Cape May, New Jersey

Harriet Tubman Museum chronicles Tubman’s time in Cape May while placing a critical (and critical overlooked) role of the city in the history of Black. The museum occupies the former parson home, the historical Macedonia Baptist Church. 

Since 1859 Cape May Lighthouse offers refugee seekers fleeing slave trade and storms in its historic harbor. An interest in the city has revived the staid hotel stock after Lokal Brand renamed it a charming beach house with a saltwater pool.

Breakfast: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the Green Eggs Cafe. 

Lunch: For lunch, try out one (or all) of these great options – The Bell Tower Restaurant or La Tierra Mexican Restaurant & Bar. 

Dinner: To end your night on a high note, head to Kelly’s Roast Beef for some mouthwatering roast beef in classic style!

Nightlife: If you’re looking for fun things to do after dark, we recommend checking out many Cape May’s breweries, such as Southern Prohibition Brewing Company or Devil’s Reach Brewery, where artfully crafted beer is served alongside appetizers like fried green tomatoes and hummus dip; perfect before pairing with a juicy grilled burger.

The Bottom Line: Once an industrial hub, Cape May has reinvented itself to be a place where anyone can experience great food and drink while admiring some stunning scenery.

Fire Island, NY

Located off the south shore of Long Island in New York’s Great South Bay near East Rockaway beach, Fire island is one of America’s most popular summer destinations. 

With its long list of activities for visitors to choose from during their stay on the island, there is no shortage of things to do during your visit! 

One way you might enjoy this destination during your vacation on fire island is by renting bikes and going out onto Fire Island roads for some fresh air and exercise.

Beyond biking, there are plenty more adventures waiting for visitors to explore during their stay on Fire Island:

  • Visit Robert Moses State Park, where you can enjoy beautiful views overlooking Long Island Sound, take in nature walks or boat rides, and just relax at the beach.
  • Explore Throgs Neck Wildlife Refuge, which is perfect for people of all ages with its abundance of nature and open space that includes trails, fishing spots, a boardwalk through maritime forests, and access to many animals living within the refuge. 
  • Enjoy an adventure camping trip on fire island by renting tents from one of many campgrounds throughout this area, such as East Rockaway Campground, where you will spend your days exploring nature by hiking or biking while enjoying stunning views of the ocean.
  • Rent kayaks and explore the Great South Bay, where you can enjoy a day of fishing for your next meal!
  • Explore the beach, surrounded by pristine white sand and views that will take your breath away.
  • Take a day trip out to Montauk Point and explore its lighthouse museum or walk the beach.
  • Explore all the fun things to do at Breezy Point, and enjoy a restaurant with some tasty seafood, such as The Breezy Point Hotel.

Breakfast: The Coffee Mill Restaurant offers various classic American dishes and breakfast selections, including pancakes, French toast, omelets, and Eggs Benedict. 

Lunch: The Tea Room offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, and desserts. 

Dinner: The Bayville House Restaurant features fresh seafood dishes in an elegant setting. Alternatively, if you want to completely indulge yourself with some great food and cocktails, head over to the Seaview Lounge for dinner or drinks, where they offer everything from lobster rolls to tacos. 

Nightlife: There are many bars and clubs in nearby towns on Fire Island, but during busy summer months, there is only shuttle service between May 20th to September 30th.

Bottom Line: Fire Island is one of the most popular summer destinations in America, with plenty of things to do during your visit. 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For a sun-drenched beach getaway with vast amounts of family fun and relaxation, visit Myrtle Beach, where you will find some of the best condos for rent with plenty of amenities. 

Myrtle Beach is full of excitement year-round, but especially during the summer months when locals and visitors come out to enjoy the large variety of water sports, vacation rentals, shopping venues, and an overall incredible atmosphere.

There are many other places to explore in this location, including: 

  • Fort Moultrie National Monument (English Ivy Trail)
  • The Lighthouse Gathering Place (and amazing restaurant)
  • Window Fun Park 
  • The Children’s Museum on Muse Street
  • The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, “The Grand Strand,” is one of the longest continuous boardwalks in North America and stretches along seven miles on both sides of Hwy 17. 

Breakfast: The Living Room Coffee Shop offers a breakfast menu with waffles, sandwiches, and omelets. 

Lunch: The Diner serves up some classic American fare for lunch hours and dishes that are perfect for those who want to indulge in their favorite sweets, such as cheesecake or strawberry shortcake. 

Dinner: For an elegant evening out, head over to the Waterway Café, known for its excellent seafood dishes paired perfectly with superb wines!

Nightlife: You’ll find plenty …

Why You Should Take an Alaskan Cruise This Year

Going on an Alaskan cruise is one of the most relaxing experiences that you can have, which is important after the year we have all had.

Most people are surprised to know that there are such a nice number of ship trips available in Alaska, and traveling on this type of vacation is an excellent way to spend time with friends and family members. 

Many Alaskan cruises allow you to get out and see some of the more remote and less populated areas of the state. For example, some of the best Alaskan cruises will take you on a trip up into the mountains of Denali National Park. The glaciers that cover much of the region are a sight to behold, and it is definitely a nice treat to get out into the fresh air and admire the work of nature that has shaped the landscape of the Earth.

Crabgrass Point

One excursion that is not necessarily considered a hike is called Crabgrass Point. If you’re looking for a really unique experience, you should pay attention to this excursion, which is included on a number of Alaskan cruise packages.

It starts off at the Kailua Creek State Park, where you’ll walk along the remains of a massive ancient tree. While walking around the tree, you’ll likely encounter a few native Alaskan birds, a variety of berries, and even squirrels!

Visiting National Parks

Going on an Alaskan cruise that covers the entire state is not complete without visiting one of its most famous landmark: the Arctic National Park.

At the park’s northwest corner, you will find the Seal Rocks National Seashore. It is here that you will be able to see one of Alaska’s most prominent seascapes-the Inside Passage. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Alaskan cruise vacation without visiting Mount Fairbanks, which is the largest volcano in the country. A drive along the coast from there will take you to Denali National Park and another popular seascape called Kvichak Bay.


Some Alaskan cruises also include trips to other Canadian provinces. In the case of an itinerary meant to cover all of Alaska, you can expect to visit Vancouver, British Columbia; Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can stay in any of these cities long enough to experience their culture, too.

And because all of these Canadian provinces are relatively close to each other, you can always make a quick trip back to Alaska. However, it’s probably best to take longer trips between these ports if you plan to travel between them more frequently.

What to Expect on an Alaskan Cruise

What to see on an Alaskan cruise varies depending on the type of cruise you are planning to take. The most important thing is that when you plan your vacation you have a destination in mind, and you know what kind of entertainment you will get from there. Most cruises provide more than just the basics, including live entertainment, but you might also be surprised at how many fun things you can do once you arrive.

For the most part, cruises offer activities like swimming, dancing, and various shows. It is best to check with the company about what they offer before making a booking. However, for the most part the cruise ship will be your home away from home.

A typical day on an Alaskan cruise will include a welcome breakfast, cocktails, and dinner. You can also have coffee, tea, or soda in the evening if you like. Most travelers enjoy dancing the night away after a day full of activities.


Planning an Alaskan cruise can be lots of fun for everyone on board. You should make your itinerary well in advance so you do not forget to include everything you want to see. Once you have chosen the cruise that suits your needs best, you will be ready to get off the boat and start exploring the Alaskan waters. Soon you will be smiling as you recall your enjoyable Alaskan cruise.



Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia

A stunning, long path lined with ancient live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, Savannah Georgia

When most people think of Georgia, they think of Georgia’s famous Smoky Mountains and the famous football program. Few Georgia residents are aware of what else is going on in this Southern city. Savvy tourists come here not only for the great Smoky Mountain experience but to check out all the fun things to do in Georgia. In short, Savannah Georgia has a lot to offer.

What to do in Savannah Georgia starts with the famous Dog Park. The park is located at Broadway Market in the heart of downtown Savannah. Here you will find pet friendly hotels like the Double Tree Atlanta, allowing your pets to stay right inside your suite. Other attractions include the historic Bonaventure Cemetery and the Georgia Botanical Garden. The latter features beautiful gardens filled with flowers, fruits, and other seasonal plants.

Another must-visit for things to do in Savannah is the popular Milledgeville Art Museum. Built in 1873, this museum features a host of exhibits and programs that highlight the history of the place. It has two main areas: the South Riding Collection Room and the Soldiers’ and Sailors Heritage Center. Both features a great array of exhibits and a host of interactive exhibits.

If you love nature, you will love visiting the Savannah Art Zoo. You can spend several hours simply exploring the Savannah State Park and it’s surrounding areas. In addition to walking trails, you can also take a boat tour of the lake. This place is a great place to get away from the city and enjoy some nature at its best. Many people come here just to relax by the water or to enjoy a quiet picnic as they gaze out on the Savannah skyline.

If music and food are what you enjoy, you should definitely plan a visit to the Savannah River Arts Festival. This festival allows visitors to enjoy musical performances by local musicians as well as free food. There is usually a great selection of both food and music in this location. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers sponsors the event. It runs the course of two days, starting on June 2 and running until June 4.

For more things to do in Savannah, you should consider a trip to the Silver Strand Country Club. The club offers a wide range of activities for all ages and skill levels. With plenty of walking trails and golf courses for your enjoyment, the club is one of the best places to spend a vacation.


There are many reasons why tourists and visitors visit Savannah Georgia. This small city situated in the middle of Appalachian mountains has many natural wonders, lovely beaches, an exciting history, and even some amazing historic sites. Let us have a look at some of the most popular attractions in Savannah.



Eco-Tourism Destinations

Eco-Tourism is the combination of tourism and greening. Many eco-tourism destinations are growing in popularity with environmentalist tourists who are looking for an opportunity to get away from the concrete atmosphere of tourist dominated areas.

The greening of these destinations is done in a variety of different ways including plant-based architecture, use of natural materials, and reusing objects. There are eco-tourism destinations around the world that serve as great educational tools for travelers who want to learn more about sustainable living. Some of these educational eco-tourism destinations include:


In Japan, there are eco-tourism destinations that serve as great places to learn about and experience a variety of natural activities. Some examples of these activities include mountain climbing, canopy safaris, natural hot springs baths, and more. In the state of Oregon, there are several parks that offer hiking and biking adventures in addition to seeing beautiful forests. In British Columbia, visitors can go whale watching or bird watching, and in Canada, there are First Nations communities that offer tours of their natural areas.

North America

Other eco-tourism destinations in North America include the state of Montana, where a tourist can go horseback riding, go hiking, and observe native wildlife. In Washington State, tourists can visit Mount Rainier National Park, which is famous for its spectacular scenery. In New Mexico, one can visit Albuquerque to see the “Cities of the Earth,” or visit Cancun, Mexico to see the many natural wonders. There are also eco-tourists who travel to the coral reefs in Florida.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean area has several locations that are ecologically themed. Some examples of these are Aruba, which is known for its underwater scenery, and St. Lucia, which have an amazing lagoon. These places also have native Caribbean animals that are often featured on the beaches. In Barbados, there is an abundance of sea life, which is used as a form of tourism. At the same time, nature is used in the design of hotels and beaches, because it helps people learn about nature. At the same time, it promotes a sense of environmental awareness for those who are visiting the area.

The Swiss Alps

When people travel to foreign countries, they are enticed to use new technology and explore cultures that have been influenced by technology. One of the most eco-tourism destinations in Europe is the Swiss Alps. Many of the ski resorts are snow capped, which makes the experience more relaxing and refreshing. It is also used as a skiing retreat, so there is a good chance for visitors to experience mountain biking in some of the more remote areas. The Dolomites are another popular attraction, and the use of old world crafts and architectural structures is used at the resorts to create a sense of culture and tradition.


When people travel to other parts of the world, they are able to visit new and exciting places. Some of these destinations have become eco-tourism destinations because of the opportunities that they offer. There is the chance to hike along a volcano, to snorkel in a pool, or to use solar panels to power a hotel. These activities help to promote the use of renewable resources, while also helping to reduce pollution. In some cases, tourists may use solar power to generate electricity during their stay.…

Visit St. Petersburg, Russia

Bronze equestrian monument of Nicholas I of Russia on St. Isaac’s Square. Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a Russian town on the northern part of the Black Sea coast. It was formerly the capital of imperial Russia, possessing been the national capital for over 2 centuries.

Today it is one of its most vibrant cities, hosting several prestigious events and attracting tourists from around the world. It also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

Here we take a brief look at some of the key St. Petersburg attractions that are worth a visit.

Museum of St. Petersburg

A must see for all St. Petersburg tourists is the Museum of St. Petersburg, which houses numerous collections including ancient sculptures, magnificent frescoes, and priceless works of art.

The Museum is located in the Old Town, next to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Inside you will find the largest collection of its kind outside of Moscow. You will find beautiful sculptures depicting Russian leaders, such as Alexsandovalov and KGB leader Mikhail Ivanovsky.

Visitors will be astounded by the variety of objects, including balls, tridents, knives, whips, and chains, as well as wooden toys depicting medieval life in St. Petersburg. The museum has recently undergone a major makeover, revamping its appearance and decor. New artifacts are being added to its collection, including a ten-ton iron statue of a whale.

The Russian Cathedral

The Russian Cathedral in St. Petersburg is the third largest Cathedral in the world. Built in 1700, it stands at the center of the city and was made to honor the memory of Peter, Prince of Russia.

This cathedral is considered one of the most important attractions in St. Petersburg as it attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is visited by the heads of state and government from around the world.

Besides being a religious icon, the cathedral is also a famous place to shop. The main entrance, which is on the top of the staircase, is a popular place for those who want to shop for fashionable clothes and other items.

There are also some taster bars located in front of the Cathedral, where visitors can try a sampling of different Russian drinks such as caviar and pomelo. 


St. Petersburg also offers a wide selection of interesting shops. Several small boutiques and gift shops showcase unique handbags, shoes, silverware, and jewelry.

A popular street vendor is the “Maxim,” a small shop on Tverskaya just north of the train station. Here you can find unique perfumes, clothing, and souvenirs.

The “Levy” is another store with international quality of goods, where you can also purchase computer equipment and other supplies.

The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1882 and is one of the oldest symphonic and all-around string orchestra in the country. The group has numerous affiliates all over the world including Australia, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and many others. The group consistently maintains high standards, performing regularly all over the world.

The Orchestra has two main concert pavilions in Saint Petersburg, the main auditorium on Tverskaya just west of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the adjacent Saint Petersburg State University gymnasium.

The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra performs at most important festivals throughout the year. They are also regularly invited to participate in the International Festival of Arts in New York.

Wrapping Up

There are many things to see and experience in St. Petersburg, making it a great place to go during your stay in this region of the world. You will find a number of luxury resorts, hotels and guest houses here.

However, before booking your accommodation, be sure to take your time and look around online to get the best deals and discounts.

The Serengeti National Park

Zebra in National Park. Africa, Kenya

Have you ever been on a Safari? If not, Safari Serengeti is the one to visit. It is one of the most popular safaris in Africa and is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

The Serengeti National Park is Africa’s most famous wildlife hotspot. It covers an area of approximately ten thousand square kilometers and has a variety of landscape characteristics, including desert, grasslands, mountains, and plains. 

The park has a population of about twenty-two hundred thousand chimpanzees and other large animals. On the Serengeti plains, a variety of wild animals can be found browsing on plant-covered slopes or foraging through waiting watering holes. A variety of birds can be seen throughout the year, with nearly half of the species migrating to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve in the north-central Serengeti plains.

The Serengeti Migration

The Serengeti migration is seasonal. There are two migration routes, the northern and the southern route.

In summer, the northern route is the only available route for migration and the remaining animals head south for the winter. The southern route starts from the southern Serengeti plains and goes as far south as the Malindi basin.

The migration is a highly migratory event, with nearly forty percent of the whole population visiting the Serengeti each year.

The majority of the park’s animals migrate to feed at the many lakes located in its central plateau. The lakes provide water and a safe place for the animals to survive harsh winter weather. 

The Serengeti National Park is a great location for bird watchers to observe this migratory process, and many people come to the park to watch birds in their natural habitat.

The Big Five

Among the many animals inhabiting Africa’s savanna vegetation, perhaps none is more quintessential to the essence of what the continent is all about than the big five animals.

With their graceful grace and extravagant physical features, these creatures are reminders of the awe-inspiring beauty of primordial Africa – the realm in which the great migration waves first made their perilous voyage across the heavens on the dawn of creation.

Today, the magnificent big five animals – leopards, black rhinos, African lion, Asian elephant, and Cape buffalo – can be found in The Serengeti National Park!

While some of the big five animals have their origins in other parts of the world (the big five animals all descend from the horse line, after all), all five are native to Africa and can be found in the greatest expanse of the most beautiful place on Earth: the Serengeti.

For years, the Serengeti has been the favored destination for those seeking an amazing array of wildlife and scenery, with millions of visitors each year marveling at the wonder of the wild in all its glory.

The primary reason that The Serengeti has become such a favored destination is the fact that it is among the last places on Earth where you will find large herds of wildebeests, which roam freely and hunt by night for the huge herds of wildebeest and other herbivores that inhabit the landscape.

The Serengeti also offers a number of other opportunities for visitors to spend time in the wild, including but not limited to tracking down a variety of wild animals and plants, hiking to high areas, camping in open grasslands, and taking advantage of one of the many outfitter companies in town.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to visit the Serengeti, then you will need to arrange your trip several months in advance to allow for plenty of time for research and planning. You can expect to see a variety of different animals once you reach the park, including wildebeests, lions, hyenas, buffaloes, zebras, elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalo. The migration season is from June to September, so you will have a good chance of seeing animals migration from all over the world. It’s also important to be aware that while the animals are plentiful in the Serengeti, they do become overpopulated at certain times of the year. If you want to see the animals and avoid overcrowded areas, then plan to visit the park in the winter.


Why You Want To Visit The Maldives

The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, a small predominantly arboreal country in South Asia, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, south of Sri Lanka and India. The nation has a total population of around 5 million, with the majority being the Indian community.

The Maldives is made up of seven atolls, of which two are inhabited. The larger island of Male seems to be the most populated of the islands, housing around half the population.

Other smaller islands are uninhabited, although there is an airport on the Male Atoll that is used by visitors and foreign nationals, as well as by locals. Visitors often stay in hotels near resorts and this also gives them easy access to the waters and natural resources of the island.


One of the main attractions that you might want to visit in the Maldives are the pink and white beaches which are found all over this small country. You can find pink sandy beaches all over the archipelago of Maldives. They have beautiful azure water, white sand, and palm trees.


If you want something to do during your stay in the Maldives you can choose from a wide variety of resorts. The resorts of the Maldives have been built with the finest and most modern architectural and design features.

Maldives resorts cater to tourists coming from all over the world. They feature a lot of privacy and make sure that you get enough privacy even if you are in a group with other guests. Some of them even have small shops built in them so you can buy some local products.

Most of the resorts are also located on the beach itself, so you can simply walk on the beach and enjoy the view. The resorts of the Maldives are very expensive as compared to the budget resorts in other places.

They also offer various kinds of packages depending on your needs and the season of the year. The best time to visit the Maldives is between the months of December to April.


The Maldives is also famous for its animal life. The islands are home to hundreds of animal species. The bird life in the island is also amazing. The island has about twelve bird species including egrets, flamingos, seabirds, pelicans, crabs, snails, and the rare and beautiful white storks.

Natural Resources

If you are a water enthusiast, then you will be happy to know that the island is rich in natural resources. You can go sailing or boating around the island and explore the water bodies like the Huang Lay, uvu Pearl, and the Pele Island.

You can also visit the coral reefs of the island. The coral reefs of the island are perfect for snorkeling as you get a chance to see a variety of fishes and tropical marine animals.


While on Maldives travel, you will notice most of the resort staff speak English making it easy to converse and get suggestions for activities. 

There are many recreational activities for travelers, including a variety of water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and diving.

There are also options for people who want a more laid back experience in the Maldives such as lounging by the pool or hiking up a mountain. However, the primary attraction of the Maldives is its beautiful beaches and the all-natural wonders that are found here.


The Best Bora Bora Resorts

This article will try to answer the common question: “What is the Best of Bora Bora?” Most tourists arrive in Tahiti with the hope to get a good holiday and to explore some exotic places. However, they do not know that there is much more to this beautiful island than the beach.

There are many different resorts on the island, which offer a variety of activities for people who want to stay here for a few days or for a month. If you want to find out what the best of Bora is, read the following article and learn more about the different resorts that offer visitors the best experience.

Private Motu Island

One of the best of Bora resorts is the Private Motu Island. This private resort is nestled between two large lagoon banks, which allow visitors to take a walk amidst the blue lagoon. The beautiful scenery of Motu Island is the main reason why it has become a popular destination for tourists. This resort is also the only one of its kind in Tahiti, offering visitors the unique experience of staying in a private bungalow instead of a hotel.

Tahiti Diving Centre

Another excellent Bora resort is the Tahiti Diving Centre. This is located on Tupati Island, which is located on the northern part of Tahiti. The diving centre offers tours to the nearby heart-shaped lagoon and also to other interesting underwater formations such as black coral reefs. Some of the featured attractions include the underwater world’s largest whaleback reef, as well as other teeming marine life.

Princess Resorts

Another great attraction is the Princess Resorts. This is located on Teavanui Beach, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bora. Here, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of an authentic Caribbean adventure while being pampered by your friendly and experienced tour guide. Other activities include snorkeling and jet skiing during your stay at the Princess Resorts.

Teavanui Beach Resort

The Teavanui Beach Resort is another popular resort in Bora. This is located on Motu Island, which is just east of Tahiti. Here, you will find a wide range of amenities including snorkeling or scuba diving, as well as trips to visit the remote island of Motu. Other activities include a visit to the marine reserves surrounding the resort, such as the Teavanui Marine Reserve.

Teavanui Beach Bungalow Suite

Last but not the least, is the Teavanui Beach Bungalow Suite, which is a three bedroom bungalow that is perfect for honeymooners and couples. With the utmost care and attention, this resort’s bungalow suites are plush and comfortable, with private pools and sun decks to make your time in Bora special. You can choose from a white, light-up pink, or a dark teal and black color scheme. The teal color schemes represent the tropical colors of paradise, and the pink schemes represent purity and femininity.…

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker, Belize is a beautiful little island paradise located off the coast of Mexico. It is one of the smallest of the Belize islands, a coral reef with many exotic fish living in the area. There are over 300 species of animals on the island, including bird species, reptiles, and amphibians.


It has two magnificent beaches, one on the east shore and one on the west.

The east beach is excellent for snorkeling because it has an abundance of marine life living underwater. Scuba divers will also find a lot of marine life in this beautiful cove.

Boaters can also take advantage of the shallow waters to see various marine life and catch their own meals on occasion. There are also many shops where you can get a variety of great trinkets and other island items.


Kitesurfing on Caye Caulker is a fast-paced sports activity where the kitesurfer harnesses the powerful force of the wind through a large, controllable kite to be propelled along the sea.

It is advisable to get help from some professional kitesurfers you can find on the island to enjoy the thrilling exhilaration of kitesurfing. They will provide you with the necessary tips and guidelines to make the best out of this challenging sport.


The island’s unique habitat has led to its being called one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. The waters on the island are very clear, allowing it to sustain the fish life found there. In addition, there are a wide variety of tropical plants and trees growing on the island.

Because of the biodiversity, you will notice no major roads that lead to the island when you can visit Caye Caulker. The main road to the island is a paved road that runs along the island’s entire length. The rest of the road is only one lane in each direction.

Final Words

Caye Caulker is a top-rated vacation destination for those who love nature. This tropical island offers you everything that you would expect from a tropical paradise. There is also a great variety of coral said to be over a thousand years old.…

Visiting North Macedonia

Long buffeted by Europe’s troubles, North Macedonia is slowly emerging as one of its more captivating destinations.

After a relatively long time being hidden behind the more well-known and popular Balkan countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia, the land of Mount Athos, Ionian islands, and the rest of the beautiful Aegean coast finally has its day in the spotlight.

Major Tourist Destination

Although it is still the same old country, North Macedonia has already become one of the region’s major tourist destinations. This will likely be the case for many years.

Macedonia offers a fantastic mixture of culture and history. The land of Mt. Athos, a mountain peak located in the northernmost part of the country, was long considered the main attraction of this region.

Great Place to Stay

This is a great place to visit and a place where you can live a good life. Most of the people here are relatively wealthy, which makes a living in this country very easy. This is why most of the people who come to this country come to stay for at least five years.

Travel Guides

Travel guides are the best way to know the country better. They will help you explore the best things that can be seen in North Macedonia. These guides will help you in your journey to this beautiful part of the world. They will provide you with information about the places you want to experience the culture of this country.

Travel guides will also provide you with helpful tips on avoiding some common pitfalls when planning your trip to the Macedonian lands. They are the best way to find out the different places that you can visit and explore. They will also guide you where the best restaurants, nightspots, and art galleries are located.

Another factor that you should consider is your budget. A good guide will provide you with the lowest rates of accommodation and travel, and you will be able to enjoy quality time in this beautiful place.

Getting Around

A new, improved road network leads to greater accessibility for travelers and tourists from all over the world, making it easier to reach the country’s northernmost parts.

It can take up to two days in the car to get to the city of Skopje. There are several airports in the area; however, the best one is Nikolaev. You can take any of the available flights to reach the northern part of the country.

If You Go

One of the essential things that you should do if you plan to spend a week or more in this country is to make sure you have a good map. You should also prepare a list of the things you want to see and do before you even leave home.…