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Visiting North Macedonia

Long buffeted by Europe’s troubles, North Macedonia is slowly emerging as one of its more captivating destinations.

After a relatively long time being hidden behind the more well-known and popular Balkan countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia, the land of Mount Athos, Ionian islands, and the rest of the beautiful Aegean coast finally has its day in the spotlight.

Major Tourist Destination

Although it is still the same old country, North Macedonia has already become one of the region’s major tourist destinations. This will likely be the case for many years.

Macedonia offers a fantastic mixture of culture and history. The land of Mt. Athos, a mountain peak located in the northernmost part of the country, was long considered the main attraction of this region.

Great Place to Stay

This is a great place to visit and a place where you can live a good life. Most of the people here are relatively wealthy, which makes a living in this country very easy. This is why most of the people who come to this country come to stay for at least five years.

Travel Guides

Travel guides are the best way to know the country better. They will help you explore the best things that can be seen in North Macedonia. These guides will help you in your journey to this beautiful part of the world. They will provide you with information about the places you want to experience the culture of this country.

Travel guides will also provide you with helpful tips on avoiding some common pitfalls when planning your trip to the Macedonian lands. They are the best way to find out the different places that you can visit and explore. They will also guide you where the best restaurants, nightspots, and art galleries are located.

Another factor that you should consider is your budget. A good guide will provide you with the lowest rates of accommodation and travel, and you will be able to enjoy quality time in this beautiful place.

Getting Around

A new, improved road network leads to greater accessibility for travelers and tourists from all over the world, making it easier to reach the country’s northernmost parts.

It can take up to two days in the car to get to the city of Skopje. There are several airports in the area; however, the best one is Nikolaev. You can take any of the available flights to reach the northern part of the country.

If You Go

One of the essential things that you should do if you plan to spend a week or more in this country is to make sure you have a good map. You should also prepare a list of the things you want to see and do before you even leave home.…

The Most Beautiful Waterfall in the Entire World

The waterfall in tropical forest at Huay Mae Khamin National Park, Thailand
The waterfall in tropical forest at Huay Mae Khamin National Park, Thailand

A trip to Thailand, especially if one is a fan of waterfalls, must include a visit to the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall.

This waterfall is one of Thailand’s most famous and popular waterfalls, and it also has an attraction for people of all ages. In fact, a group of travelers from out of town came just for the opportunity to get a glimpse of this natural wonder.

If You Go

To get to Thailand from the airport in Bangkok, one has to take a plane to the island of Phuket. From Phuket, one can travel to the North of Thailand, where the first stop is the Khao Sok National Park. From here, it takes a few hours to drive to the island of Koh Tao, where the best part of the trip is to visit the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall.

Waterfall Hiking

A large part of the hike begins at the waterfall base, as it was originally built and remains today. The first part of the hike takes a couple of days and involves trekking through the forest and following a route that passes along the river banks. This walk also includes camping at various sites along the way.

The next part of the hike takes one through an old road and another part of the jungle forest. At the end of the trail, you can travel by elephants. As you can imagine, this part of the journey is not for everyone, but it is certainly a fun part to enjoy and photograph.

The journey ends with a spectacular view of the waterfall itself, which is the main attraction for visitors of all ages in the region. The last half of the hike is one of the most beautiful walks in the world. As one crosses the waterfall, there is a spectacular view of the whole island.

Other Ways to See the Waterfall

There are two ways to reach the waterfall, the first of which is by taking a bus tour to see the waterfall from the top. If you choose to travel by bus, make sure you do a bit of research on which company will provide the best tour of the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall. These companies should provide you with information about their prices, the different types of buses they use, and the services they provide to their clients.

Another way to see the waterfall is by boat, one of the fastest ways to get into the area. From the boat, you will be able to get a full view of the waterfall, and then you can head back to the bus, which will bring you back to Phuket if you choose to travel that route.


The Huay Mae Khamin waterfall is a fantastic place to visit for many reasons, and it is definitely one that deserves a trip. If you plan to visit this area in the future, be sure to do a little research. It’s a beautiful spot that offers a great experience.…

The Colors of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is named for its colorful sandstone cliffs that stretch 15 miles along the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. The beautiful colors of these magnificent rocks are caused by the mineral-rich groundwater that leaches out of the rocks. The iron, manganese, and copper minerals paint the cliffs in reds, pinks, blacks, greens, and other colors.

My friend JP who owns an epoxy flooring company in Houston told me that when he visited Pictured Rocks with his family several years ago, he was reminded of the rich colors they use in epoxy paint. The colors are really that beautiful and must be seen in person.

See Pictured Rocks by Boat

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located on the southwest shore of Lake Superior near Marquette, Michigan. The best way to see these colorful cliffs is by boat. A boat tour takes visitors along this beautiful coastline to view this scenic wonder. The boat tour begins at the Marquette marina and takes about an hour and a half.

The marina offers several boats for rent, including catamarans, small speedboats, and yachts. Visitors can enjoy this lovely place on a short leisurely cruise along the shores and waterways. The marina also has boats available for boating and fishing. There are picnic areas near the marina for dining and relaxation. Boat rental charges are nominal.

The Lighthouse

The Pictured Rocks boat tour also includes a chance to view the historic lighthouse that has stood since 1835. The lighthouse overlooks the southernmost point of Lake Huron. The marina has restrooms, tables, chairs, and restrooms for visitors who choose to be self-parked on the waterfront. The marina also provides boat slips, docks, and storage for touring or camping overnight. If you prefer to leave the marina, there is also a parking area available. The marina provides a free shuttle service to the marina parking area and the boat tour’s parking area.

During the boat tour, you can see the many attractions on the water, such as the beach and the nearby harbor. Several boats are available for day trips to see these areas. The boat tour can travel along the Lake Huron shore and through Lake Huron and Lake Michigan’s waters. The marina also provides guided tours of the beach to give the visitor a more detailed view of the area. Other attractions are the harbor and pier.

There are several restaurants on the boat tour. You will not want to miss the opportunity to sample the local cuisine on this scenic excursion. All boat tours include meals and beverages. Many hotels are just minutes away from the marina, so those traveling by car you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sights.

Beautiful Beaches

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore hugs Lake Superior’s southern shore on the peninsula of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Of course, the name comes from the distinctive multicolored rocks of the beach and surrounding area. Unusual, layered sandstone formations such as Miners Castle and Cathedral Rock define the headland. Twelvemile Beach leads into a white birch forest to the east. Several trails pass through an area that was once a shipwrecked marina. Fishing charters are available.

Other Attractions

Other attractions in the area include the Sauk Rapids Railroad, which runs from Newaygo to Marquette and offers a free tour that takes you through the railroad’s main workings. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of locomotives in the daytime and then hop on the train at night to reach the station. This train ride allows visitors to witness the locomotives as they run through the train yard. The Sauk Rapids Railroad also shows the train tracks, the river, the marsh, and the railroad trestle.

The Railroad Museum also offers railroad history and the railroad’s history. The visitor center also provides information about the railroad and its history.…

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake, located north of Osoyoos on Vancouver Island’s eastern shores in BC, is an alkaline entorhinal lake. Only north of the US fringe in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, the Lake’s abnormal tinge is because of its high centralizations of minerals, such as sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and calcium sulfates.

The water level ascents with precipitation during harvest time and winter, yet when the days become more sweltering and drier in the late spring, the water dissipates. During these sweltering, dry summers in the Okanagan when Spotted Lake wins its name—enormous ‘spots’ in shifting shades of blue, green, or yellow become more unmistakable as the water level drops.

Sacred Area

Spotted Lake is a secured social site of the Syilx/Okanagan people, who think of it as consecrated for its mending properties. The area is closed to the public for this reason.

This zone, otherwise called the Okanagan Valley, encompasses Lake Okanagan and stretches from southern British Columbia down into north-focal Washington. With bright, warm, and dry summers, the Okanagan brags scores wineries, curious towns, and top of the line resorts specking the lakeshore. You’ll discover Spotted Lake around 8 miles north of the Washington outskirt.

Animal Abundance

Spotted Lake is home to a variety of birds. This Lake is considered one of the most ecologically diverse lakes in Canada. Many species live in and around Spotted Lake, including the endangered sockeye salmon.

Many different types of birds can be found around Spotted Lake such as the spotted dogfish, blue heron, wahoo, coyote, fin kelp, red-winged blackbird, woodcock, snow goose, robin, mallard, the fin of alder, blue heron, red-throated birch, white pelican, and blue heron.

Spotted Lake is also home to several types of mammals such as black bears, wolves, coyotes, fishers, and moose. Spotted Lake is home to several reptiles, including the Pacific Slaty Snake, the small brown snake, and the spotted frog. Spotted Lake is also home to several different insects, such as the garden butterfly, the garden dragonfly, and the garden centipede.

Also, Spotted Lake has many different types of amphibians, including the pond salamander, the bulldog salamander, and the bulldog frog. Spotted Lake is also host to various mammals, birds, and reptiles that live in and around the Lake itself.

Spotted Lake has many different kinds of fish, including the Spanish spring salmon, the rainbow trout, silver salmon, the rainbow pike, the spotted rainbow trout, and the Pacific salmon. Spotted Lake also has several kinds of shellfish, including the mussels and the clams. Spotted Lake is also host to various types of crustaceans, including the mussels and crabs.

Many people in Canada and the United States visit Spotted Lake every year to go on a day trip and see the different types of creatures that live there. A day trip through this area gives a person a chance to see how much wildlife exists in and around the Lake.…

How to Plan Your Next Caribbean Vacation

When planning your next Caribbean vacation, you’ll want to consider the many different reasons that it’s a great vacation choice. Whether you’re a family or just looking for a fun-filled, exotic holiday escape, Caribbean vacations are a great choice.

There are many reasons why there are so many different places to visit in the Caribbean. The area is known for its diverse weather, which means that there is always something special to do year-round. It’s a popular destination because it’s relatively easy to get around. Traveling from North to South and East to West is as easy as flying to any part of the region.

Which Islands to Visit?

One of the most important parts of a Caribbean vacation is going to be visiting the islands. Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions unique to the region.

The Caribbean consists of three stunning tropical islands that you should visit. These islands are Grand Cayman, Belize, and Aruba. The first two islands are closer to the United States, whereas the third is close enough to Canada that you can fly in and visit. This makes it easier to plan your trip.

Caribbean History

Another popular reason to travel to this region of the world is its history. Many countries from around the world have a connection to the area through their history. Some of those connections include the British, Dutch, French, and even the Spanish.

If you are a history buff, you can go to a history museum and experience the history of the island. Or if you are a nature lover, you can take a trip to see the many beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife. There are also plenty of things for everyone to do in a tropical area.

So Many Activities

There are many things to see while you’re on vacation. You’ll enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Some of these activities may be expensive, but they are all very well worth the effort. You’ll also find great restaurants and nightlife on the islands.

Many people decide to go on vacation in the Caribbean because it’s such a relaxing environment. Instead of going to an overcrowded theme park or casino, you can find a quiet beach or tropical resort that offers quiet resorts, activities, and cuisine. You can also get to enjoy a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of a city life full of tourist attractions.

You’ll find plenty to do while you’re on your Caribbean vacation, whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or a luxurious one. Be sure to take the time to explore all of your options and enjoy all of the best parts of your stay in the Caribbean.

There are several different activities you can enjoy on your vacation. If you love fishing, you’ll enjoy fishing in a beautiful tropical area. If you like diving, you can go snorkeling in a beautiful ocean.

There are many different activities for everyone on your vacation. You can go on a day trip to a Caribbean island or stay for a week to enjoy several days at one location. You can also choose a combination of both. When you’re planning your vacation, you will want to make sure you choose a place with everything you want and needs while you’re there.

Many people choose a Caribbean vacation because they want to relax. In order to do that, you’ll need to get away from the noise and chaos of a city. Instead of going to a huge theme park or casino, you can plan to spend a few days at a small hotel or resort with just a few people. That will allow you to relax more and enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle.

Planning your vacation is something you should definitely consider when you are looking for a vacation. Whether you’re traveling alone, with the family, or with a group, you will enjoy your vacation.…

Best Places to Travel in Georgia

Georgia is a cultural and historical place. It creates the imagery of old traditions in the minds of visitors while passing through its towns and villages. 

Georgia can be called a land of rock and stone because it contains mighty hills, heavy mountains, deep caves, middle-age fortresses, and monasteries.

Visitors can discover several beautiful places and unique regions in Georgia. 

Let us cast a glance in few places of them.


In southern Georgia, there is situated a spectacular cave monastery near Aspindza. This monastery was built underground by King Tamar in the 12TH century.

After many decades, it was exposed by a severe earthquake that destroyed the cave monastery completely.


Mtskheta is the most important city of Georgia because it is the religious capital and spiritual heart of this city. At this place, 4000 years old fossils of human settlements were found as this is one of the oldest places of Georgia.

George’s most important churches were found in Mtskheta that’s why it is famous as the hometown of churches. Saint Nino who was known as the Enlightener of Georgia belonged to this famous city.


One of the most important cities to visit in Georgia is” Tbilisi” 

It is the capital city of Georgia and it lies on the banks of Mtkvari River and covered by Mounty hills and mountains.

 One cannot stop to appreciate this unique place after wandering its streets.

The most interesting about Tbilisi is that all the roads in Georgia lead to Tbilisi


It is located 100km far from Tbilisi in Eastern Georgia. This place can also be named as Lord’s Fortress because of the literal meanings of the word Uplistsikhe.

All beautiful buildings in this beautiful and historical cave city are connected by tunnels for example a bakery, a pharmacy, and even a prison.

 At the beginning of this stunning cave city, there was constructed a church in the 9th century

Katskhi pillar

Georgia occupies great and unique places not only on earth and mountains but also in air like this Katskhi pillar erected monastery. 

It has been built 40 km above from earth that’s why it was also named as ‘Pillar of life’ 


One of the most interesting points in Georgia is Chiatura situated between deep gorges and steep valleys. 

This is famous as “Cable car city” because every corner of this town was connected with mines with the help of these cable cars. 

These connected areas are known as the “Death-Defying metal coffins”. This is a surprising and interesting place for its visitors. 


On the coast of the Black sea, there is located a modern city known as Batumi.

Tourists feel just like Georgia while visiting this captivating place because it is the second-largest city of Georgia. 

Batumi is a glamorous city because of its many casinos that are the major cause to attract visitors. 

To sum up the discussion, it can be said that Georgia has great attraction for visitors and tourists from worldwide due to its ornamental buildings, great monasteries, old death-defying tunnels, etc.

No doubt, Georgia offers visitors to recall old traditions and cultures in such a modern era.