Best Places to Travel in Georgia

Georgia is a cultural and historical place. It creates the imagery of old traditions in the minds of visitors while passing through its towns and villages. 

Georgia can be called a land of rock and stone because it contains mighty hills, heavy mountains, deep caves, middle-age fortresses, and monasteries.

Visitors can discover several beautiful places and unique regions in Georgia. 

Let us cast a glance in few places of them.


In southern Georgia, there is situated a spectacular cave monastery near Aspindza. This monastery was built underground by King Tamar in the 12TH century.

After many decades, it was exposed by a severe earthquake that destroyed the cave monastery completely.


Mtskheta is the most important city of Georgia because it is the religious capital and spiritual heart of this city. At this place, 4000 years old fossils of human settlements were found as this is one of the oldest places of Georgia.

George’s most important churches were found in Mtskheta that’s why it is famous as the hometown of churches. Saint Nino who was known as the Enlightener of Georgia belonged to this famous city.


One of the most important cities to visit in Georgia is” Tbilisi” 

It is the capital city of Georgia and it lies on the banks of Mtkvari River and covered by Mounty hills and mountains.

 One cannot stop to appreciate this unique place after wandering its streets.

The most interesting about Tbilisi is that all the roads in Georgia lead to Tbilisi


It is located 100km far from Tbilisi in Eastern Georgia. This place can also be named as Lord’s Fortress because of the literal meanings of the word Uplistsikhe.

All beautiful buildings in this beautiful and historical cave city are connected by tunnels for example a bakery, a pharmacy, and even a prison.

 At the beginning of this stunning cave city, there was constructed a church in the 9th century

Katskhi pillar

Georgia occupies great and unique places not only on earth and mountains but also in air like this Katskhi pillar erected monastery. 

It has been built 40 km above from earth that’s why it was also named as ‘Pillar of life’ 


One of the most interesting points in Georgia is Chiatura situated between deep gorges and steep valleys. 

This is famous as “Cable car city” because every corner of this town was connected with mines with the help of these cable cars. 

These connected areas are known as the “Death-Defying metal coffins”. This is a surprising and interesting place for its visitors. 


On the coast of the Black sea, there is located a modern city known as Batumi.

Tourists feel just like Georgia while visiting this captivating place because it is the second-largest city of Georgia. 

Batumi is a glamorous city because of its many casinos that are the major cause to attract visitors. 

To sum up the discussion, it can be said that Georgia has great attraction for visitors and tourists from worldwide due to its ornamental buildings, great monasteries, old death-defying tunnels, etc.

No doubt, Georgia offers visitors to recall old traditions and cultures in such a modern era.