Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake, located north of Osoyoos on Vancouver Island’s eastern shores in BC, is an alkaline entorhinal lake. Only north of the US fringe in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, the Lake’s abnormal tinge is because of its high centralizations of minerals, such as sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and calcium sulfates.

The water level ascents with precipitation during harvest time and winter, yet when the days become more sweltering and drier in the late spring, the water dissipates. During these sweltering, dry summers in the Okanagan when Spotted Lake wins its name—enormous ‘spots’ in shifting shades of blue, green, or yellow become more unmistakable as the water level drops.

Sacred Area

Spotted Lake is a secured social site of the Syilx/Okanagan people, who think of it as consecrated for its mending properties. The area is closed to the public for this reason.

This zone, otherwise called the Okanagan Valley, encompasses Lake Okanagan and stretches from southern British Columbia down into north-focal Washington. With bright, warm, and dry summers, the Okanagan brags scores wineries, curious towns, and top of the line resorts specking the lakeshore. You’ll discover Spotted Lake around 8 miles north of the Washington outskirt.

Animal Abundance

Spotted Lake is home to a variety of birds. This Lake is considered one of the most ecologically diverse lakes in Canada. Many species live in and around Spotted Lake, including the endangered sockeye salmon.

Many different types of birds can be found around Spotted Lake such as the spotted dogfish, blue heron, wahoo, coyote, fin kelp, red-winged blackbird, woodcock, snow goose, robin, mallard, the fin of alder, blue heron, red-throated birch, white pelican, and blue heron.

Spotted Lake is also home to several types of mammals such as black bears, wolves, coyotes, fishers, and moose. Spotted Lake is home to several reptiles, including the Pacific Slaty Snake, the small brown snake, and the spotted frog. Spotted Lake is also home to several different insects, such as the garden butterfly, the garden dragonfly, and the garden centipede.

Also, Spotted Lake has many different types of amphibians, including the pond salamander, the bulldog salamander, and the bulldog frog. Spotted Lake is also host to various mammals, birds, and reptiles that live in and around the Lake itself.

Spotted Lake has many different kinds of fish, including the Spanish spring salmon, the rainbow trout, silver salmon, the rainbow pike, the spotted rainbow trout, and the Pacific salmon. Spotted Lake also has several kinds of shellfish, including the mussels and the clams. Spotted Lake is also host to various types of crustaceans, including the mussels and crabs.

Many people in Canada and the United States visit Spotted Lake every year to go on a day trip and see the different types of creatures that live there. A day trip through this area gives a person a chance to see how much wildlife exists in and around the Lake.